Hawkins Precision, Llc Standard Muzzle Brake .875/ .750″/ 5/8 24 3b

Thumb 7 row muzzle brake 300x199
Thumb 5 row muzzle brake 300x199
Thumb 3 row muzzle brake 300x199



Product Description
The Standard Radial Brake is one of our most commonly sold brakes. It is offered in many different sizes and lengths to fit any barrel diameter and cartridge. We sell these muzzle brakes with 3, 5, and 7 rows of ten holes. Available in stainless steel, titanium and 4140. Diameter .875, minimum turn diameter .750″, threads 5/8-24 3B
Product Information
Manufacturer: Hawkins Precision, Llc
Material: Steel
Product Weight: 0.0 g. /
Shipping Weight: 0.0 g. /
Shipped by Hawkins Precision, LLC