Todd is a Shotgun Specialist with over 30 years of experience in fine shotguns and 9 years of Italian training on Berettas and other Italian guns. Todd offers custom shotgun work and has a vast knowledge of American, English and Italian guns. Todd can restock your shotgun whether it be a sidelock or boxlock. He can also fit your shotgun using a hot oil bend method. You can be fitted for length of pull, pitch and cast. A pattern board is on site to determine drop. Todd can also change those right hand cast off guns to left hand shooter cast on. Some of the repairs he works on are timing issues, ejector work, trigger work, back to face, resoldering and relaying loose ribs just to name a few. He also has a vast knowledge for making parts and refitting back to original specs on High End Premium Shotguns when parts are not available, this includes heat treating.

This is a SO4 Beretta shotgun that was fully restored. New custom stock and forearm. Restored metal and color cased. Custom 32 Inch DT10 Barrel custom fitted.

Beretta S04 restored and restocked with custom DT10 barrels custom fitted to shotgun  Beretta S04 Turkish walnut stock  32 inch DT10 barrels customized to fit  DT10 barrels fitted to S04  Restored S04  S04 buttstock  S04 forearm and metal work  S04 restored  S04 restored metal and wood  S04 Stock  S04 side plates  S04 Bottom view  S04 buttstock  S04 restored  Beretta S04 restored 

Beretta 687 Eell Sporter 12 Ga. Shotgun With Optima Bore Barrel

Beretta 687 EELL Diamond Pigeon Sporter 12 ga. shotgun with optima bore barrel. 28" barrels. This rifle has been upgraded to a new stock with long tangs, high gloss oil finish, bluing, color cased and leather wrapped pad.

Beretta 687  beretta 687 12 ga.  beretta 687 custom 

Cleaning and Maintenance should be once a year, depending on the gun, maker, and amount of shooting.

Cleaning & Maintenance - Includes:

Complete Disassembly
Inspection of all parts (especially springs & wear areas)
Includes: restoration of original timing & part relationship

Cleaning Prices:

Semi Automatic $55.00 - $85.00
Pump Shotguns $55.00 - $85.00
(i.e. Remington 870 $55.00, Browning A5 $85.00)

O/U Box Lock $100.00 - $200.00
S/S Box Lock $100.00 - $200.00
(i.e. Browning or Beretta $100.00 , Parker $200.00)

Side Lock O/U $225.00 - $325.00
Side Lock S/S $225.00 - $325.00
(i.e. Beretta S05 $225.00 , Purdy $325.00)

Holland and Holland english side plates Purdy side plates with working mechanisms Purdy side plates working mechanisms Long action with long tang - Purdy side plates working mechanisms and part making

Trigger Work Is By Quote

Trigger work varies depending on make of gun

Custom engraved heal and toe with engraving and checkering  Beretta S0 stock work  Beretta S09 shotgun with sideplates and color casing  Beretta S06 repair and restore  Restored Westley Richards Double Rifle  

Bead Installation - Minimum Charge

Mid Rib Bead - Minimum charge, or $15.00 when combined with another job.

Barrel Work:

Choke work on fixed choked guns. $85.00 using the preferred method: cut & shoot, count percentage or customer's specs.

Screw in Chokes start at $495.00 (Includes three chokes)

Lengthening Forcing Cones: $85.00 per barrel
Any work done on chrome lined barrel: $15.00 additional charge

Relay Ribs & Solder (Includes re-rust blue)

1 Rib - $500.00
2 Rib - $600.00
This is a starting price. Barrels in poor condition with a lot of pitting that need more prep work may have additional charges.

New Barrels Installed - Per Quote (Determined by Maker)

Beretta shotgun being converted from pistol grip to prince of wales  Beretta shotgun converted from pistol grip to prince of wales 
Work in Progress - Pistol Grip gun being converted to Prince of Wales

Example of a conversion of a Pistol Grip to a Prince of Wales

Beretta Stock with grip converted to prince of wales  prince of wales grip  Beretta shotgun with prince of wales grip  Beretta shotgun with prince of wales grip  Beretta stock with converted grip to prince of wales  prince of wales shotgun grip 

Stock Work:

We do every aspect of stock work

Crack & Stock Repair
Brand New Stocks
Please call with specific needs as this is a broad subject.
Minor Forearm Repairs- Start at $100.00 (includes finish match up)
Minor Buttstock Repairs - Start at $150.00 (includes finish match up)

We Do Three Oil Finishes:

Satin Filled Oil
Semi-Polish Satin rubbed with Rotstone
High Polish - Hand rubbed finish built up with coats.

Please refer to Oil Finishes to see examples of finishes.

Recoil Pad

Recoil Pad installed with customer's request in length. $150.00
Recoil Pad installed with fitting. $150.00
Includes: Gunsmith determining length, pull, and pitch.

Stock Bending - After Stock Dimensions Per Stock Bending

1st Bend - $250.00
2nd Bend - $100.00
Pattern Board Testing - $100.00
Pattern Board by Appointment. Customer must come to shop.
Todd is available for group fittings at your location for a fee.

Leather Wrap Recoil Pad

Leather Wrap Recoil Pad $450.00

See Leather Wrap Pads

Work Done By Quote:

Ejector Work
Restoration of Gun Being Off Face (Headspace Adjust)
Lock Work
Stock Work - Please call for quote as preferred method to fit your needs.

Beretta 686 Restocked with examples of shotgun blanks

Restocked Zoli shotgun  Beretta ASE restocked  Hand Checkered point pattern on shotgun buttstock  Restocked S04 Beretta shotgun  Beretta S05 Finished Shotgun buttstock with wood blanks  Examples of Shotgun Blanks 

So9 Stock refinished - custom made heel and toe with engraving.

Beretta S09 stock refinished  Beretta S09 custom heal and toe  Beretta S09 engraved heal and toe with checkering  Beretta S09 Barrel with forend  Beretta S09 refurbished buttstock and forend