Gun Fitting

Todd has over 30 years of experience, including 9 years for Beretta fitting shotguns to shooters. Todd can fit your gun to you so it feels and fits like it was custom made. He uses the hot oil bend method. You can be fitted for length of pull, pitch and cast. A pattern board is on site for determining drop. Todd can also change those right hand cast off guns to left hand shooter cast on guns.

For Left Hand Shooters, we can convert any right hand gun to a left hand gun.
Hot Oil Bending
New Stock built to your Dimensions
The most preferred way is a personal fitting.

How Do I Know If I Need A Gun Fitting?

If, with all of your practice, your scores have not improved
If you have a desire to improve your shooting.
If you are getting bruises on your shoulder or cheek.
If you're tired of your friends beating you.

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you need a gun fitting.

Personal Fitting - Includes one on one consultation. I check for length of pull, pitch, cast and drop. Length of Pull will be adjusted with pitch. Castoff at heel and toe will be adjusted. After those procedures are done, we will shoot it on the pattern board. After we shoot on the pattern board then the drop will be adjusted per customers point of impact desires.

Length of Pull - is the distance between the trigger and the center of the gun butt. On doubles, the distance is measured from front trigger.
Pitch - is the angle of the butt in relation to top of barrel. Pitch is important because you want 100% of the butt to fit snugly in shoulder pocket.
Cast - is the distance the centerline of stock is offset to one side or another of the centerline of the barrel.
Drop - is the distance from top of the barrel or rib to the top edge of stock at the comb and heel. Drop is measured both at the comb and heel.

Fitting Cost

Consultation $100.00
Pitch - Length of Pull with Pad $150.00
Cast - First Bend $250.00
Drop - Second Bend $100.00
Pattern Board $100.00
Complete Fitting Package $550.00

All fittings are done by appointment only. Turn around is one week. If you are coming from out of town, special arrangements can be made for same day service.