Stock Work

ASL 20 Ga. Prince of Wales Shotgun - Restocked, Restored Metal

Hand checkered buttstock with point pattern checkering
Beretta ASE 20 ga shotgun restocked  Beretta ASE 20 ga. shotgun restocked with a satin oil finish  Beretta ASE 20 ga. restocked and finished in satin oil finish 

Ruger # 1 Restocking Job

Ruger #1 restocked and finished with a satin oil finish
Ruger #1 restocked and finished with a satin oil finish

Ruger Stock Job

Ruger #1 stock job - restocked with skeleton grip cap  ruger #1 restocked with turkish walnut  ruger #1 barrel band  ruger #1 restocked  ruger #1 restocked top view  ruger #1 restocked bottom view with skeleton grip cap 

Browning Citori 16 ga. - New gun, made to look old.

Browning Citori 16 ga. new gun made to look old  Browning Citori 16 ga. color cased  16 ga. Browning Citori redone  Browning 16 ga. Citori with oil finish  Browning Citori 16 ga. color cased 

<<Stock Work>>

Labor only - Wood is an Additional Charge

Box Locks Forearm $1,200.00

Includes Inletting, Satin Finish, Point Pattern Checkering
Upgrades: Finish & Checkering (extra charge)

Side Locks Forearm $1,500.00

Includes: Satin Finish, Point Pattern Checkering.

Side Lock Butt Stock $3,600.00

Includes: Satin Finish and Point Pattern Checkering
Upgrades: Finish & Checkering (extra charge)

Box Lock Butt Stock $2,600.00

Includes Inletting, Satin Finish, Point Pattern Checkering
Upgrades: Finish & Checkering (extra charge)

Other Options Available:

Grip Cap
Skeleton Grip Cap
Skeleton Butt Plate
Recoil Pad
Leather Wrap Pad

Beretta S0 with examples of shotgun blanks  Beretta shotgun with prince of wales grip  Refinished Beretta S06 

Rifle Stocks

Restocking a rifle with customer providing all materials on a Semi-Inletted Stock on customer's Barreled Action starts at $4,800.00


Recoil Pad
Satin Finish
Cheek Piece with Shadow Line
Point Pattern Checkering

Other Options: Extra Charge

All Stock work does not include wood
Available Wood : Clarol, English, French and Bastone

 English Walnut Shotgun Blanks

French Walnut Shotgun Blanks

Bastogne Shotgun Blanks

Ken shot this Elephant with his restocked John Rigby .470

John Rigby 470 restocked took this elephant in Africa  Rigby 470 restocked 

View rifle in Restoration

This rifle is a pre-64 Winchester that was built for a customer who provided action, wood from his home in France, horn from an animal that he hunted, and a piece of Ebony that he found in Africa for the forend tip. The horn was cut shape and molded to fit the skeleton grip and butt plate.

 Winchester Pre-64 Custom Rifle restocked  Winchester pre-64 French walnut wood  Winchester pre-64 bottom metal  Winchester pre-64 cheek piece  Winchester pre-64 point pattern checkering and custom bolt  Winchester Pre-64 cheek piece in French walnut  Winchester Pre-64 custom rifle  Winchester pre-64 bottom floor plate  Winchester pre-64 skeleton grip cap inlayed with horn  Winchester pre-64 heal and toe inlayed with horn 

All Custom Work Is By Quote

Specialize in Right and Left Hand Stocks
Custom Barrel Work
Metal Checkering
Bolt Checkering - Two Panel
Bolt Checkering - Three Panel
Cross Bolts - Without Ebony Plugs
Cross Bolts - With Ebony Plugs
Bolt Jewelling
1/4 Ribs with Standing Site and Banded Front Site Hood
Express Sights
Custom Trigger
Inletted Swivels
Muzzle Brakes
Magna Porting
Barrel Band
Recoil Reducers
Talley Custom Bases and Rings
Ovals (Gold or Silver)

prince of wales
prince of wales

Other Custom Options:

Custom Butt Plate
Heal & Toe Plates
Installing Extra Barrel for Shotguns
Checkered Butt Stock
Leather Wrapped Pads
Custom Engraving
Custom Checkering
Point Pattern


The Custom Shop specializes in many different types of jobs and these are to name just a few. You may have an idea or something special in mind that you would like done to your gun. Please call us or email us and we may be able to accommodate your request. Todd tries to make every rifle job and custom job a reflection of and personalize it for the person it is built for. Restoration and Stock Building is a passion of his.


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