Todd Ramirez has been a full-time gun-maker since 1980. He began his education in gun-smithing at Colorado School of Trades, expanded that knowledge while apprenticing under an English gunsmith, and has been perfecting his craft for thirty years. For nine years, Todd also worked for Beretta Gun Company, doing premium gun-smithing, stock making, and gun fitting for the Galleries. Todd is a one-man operation, building six to ten rifles a year in his shop. They're all high quality and one of a kind, built on Mauser actions in caliber up to 505 Gibbs and Winchester Model 70 action in caliber up to 458 Lott. The wood used is exhibition to museum quality. Built with the finest craftsmanship in the world, Todd's rifles reflect English or American Classic style, with clean lines and elegance, as well as a perfect balance between wood and metal. His specialty is his highly polished oil finish, which makes his rifles truly unique and unmatched in beauty. Each rifle is fine tuned to meet customer's specifications, desires, and dimensions. The rifles aren't only aesthetically beautiful, designed for fit and functionality, they are accurate as well. Craig Boddington has shot on four continents with his Ramirez rifle and says, “My Todd Ramirez 7x57 is by far the nicest rifle I've ever owned . . . and to my thinking it's designed and built the way a fine bolt action rifle should be. In the field it's a joy to carry, and it handles like a dream. It has not yet failed me, and I'm sure it never will.” Whether you are building a rifle to hunt elk, plains games or specifically for dangerous game, you will always be right on target. Todd is one of the best Master Gunsmiths, with a thorough knowledge of the finest American and Europeans rifles, shotguns, and double rifles. For all your gun-smithing needs, including restoration, stock making, stock fitting, and specialty items such as leather wrap pads.